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The Toshiba Canvio Basics is a basic external hard drive with no fancy design just offering a good amount of storage space at an affordable price. The connectivity is powered through USB 3. On the performance front, it offers consitent reading and writing speed of MBps and MBps respectively. Armor A60 is built like a tank and comes with a military-grade shockproof case that can withstand accidental drops and protect your data from accidental water splashes as well. It comes with 2TB of storage space and is compatible with PC and gaming consoles. It is one of the fastest hard drives in the segment offering stable MBps of writing and MBps of reading speed.

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However, the Advanced tag offers a little extra. It comes in 4 different colors with a glossy finish along with Auto backup software and Password protection software integrated. If the auto backup and password protection is something you want, then the Toshiba Canvio Advanced is a better choice over Canvio Basic drive. The Fantom 2TB external hard drive is a solid storage device with a segment-leading RPM spin rate drive packed in a solid aluminum case. The faster spin rate means your game data will load much faster if you use it with a gaming console.

However, you can choose to include data recovery rescue packages when purchasing your Hard Drive or SSD for a small sum.

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There are several packages available covering different time periods and uses. Check them out below:. The total available storage will depend on how many of the available bays you populate with hard drives — it is worth highlighting that almost all NAS can function with just a single Hard drive or SSD, but this will not provide you with any redundant drive protection in the event of media failure.

When it comes to buying the right hard drive, we at NASCompares recommend the following three brands:. Seagate — One of the longest running brands in Hard Drive media, Seagate drives provide the biggest capacity drives before anyone else and are.

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A NAS drive server is a remarkably diverse network tool and you would be surprised at just how many uses the device can support. However, all too often, users and their family, friends and colleagues will back up the contents of their phones, PCs, laptops, cameras, etc to a NAS — then DELETE the files from their device to make space.

So, you have two alternatives to combat this situation. Or 2, Setup a backup system for your NAS. But the main reason is unlimited backup size.

The other great feature is version control. So even if you get hit by ransomware type of virus or simply deleted or mistakenly changed few files. It is an incredible app because not only it can backup few folders, but also an entire image of your computer. Backing up a mobile device means capturing all of the data — including contacts, calendar, photos, videos and other files — so you still have them if something happens to your smartphone or tablet.

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Backup software for mobile devices makes sure you are saving copies frequently, reliably and safely. It automatically produces a backup and makes it easy to restore your files.

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We all like a bargain and it is always so tempting to buy a precise NAS or indeed any NAS drive at the lowest possible price. Below are the key factors to consider when buying your first NAS. It is always worth checking this before making your purchase.


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Thanks to the internet being such a global tool, worldwide shipping is widely available and ordering a NAS will not be limited to your regional borders. However always be aware that your country may impose a tax on imports and you should contact the NAS drive retailer in advance if this concerns you.

Also, be sure to check on the website that the retailer will name the logistics company they will be using. A popular option that is appearing from several retailers is the choice to buy your NAS with hard drives included. It can be very tempting to buy a NAS and Hard drives together, but always check if 1, Does the online retailer install the drives for you or just send you the NAS and Drives?

These are important concerns and a good online retailer will answer positively to these questions. With eCommerce shops popping up daily, it is worth remembering that almost every single online retailer uses 3rd party payment providers to handle payments for every NAS drive sold. In real terms that means that the actual process of taking payment will be handled by another company, such as PayPal, WorldPay, SagePay, etc. This is a good thing in many cases as it means your payment will be protected by their own already well-covered terms and conditions.

However, if you are considering a retailer that has their OWN payment system, use caution! Despite this, some retailers will still play choose to cut and run in the event of your NAS being faulty or even if you are just a private customer wanting to send it back because you do not need it. A good retailer is only as good as their returns and repair policy!

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All NAS drives arrive with between years warranty and in most circumstances, you will be able to ship a faulty unit back to the retailer or arrange a replacement with the NAS brand you buy with, just using your serial number. So, let us go once more into the breach with the best Cyber Monday SSD deals the internet has to offer. Just click the links below. Check your motherboard to see what kind of connectors it has. Almost all modern motherboards should have SATA3 ports for your standard 2. These are the same size and shape as standard 2. Likewise, most modern PC cases have mounting points for 2.

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